Snapshots of Mental Health 3 hours      ( 2hr version delete Part 3)   NOW AVAILABLE as 4 x 30minute webcasts which can be branded for your organisation or community and watched on any device at any time.  Please email for further information.  GREAT FOR COMMUNITIES

One of our most popular sessions, Snapshots is a 3 hour Presentation offering Mental Health education in a safe and friendly environment

This course offers an uncomplicated introduction to mental health and mental health literacy. It allows a greater understanding of what mental health problems are and how they can affect us all. We encourage interaction and conversation to help with understanding and to make the content 'real'.  

Part One  - An Introduction to Mental Health 

What is mental health and when do I know if there is a problem?

We take a look at stigma - our own and that of others - and how stigma might stop us from seeking the support and help we need.

We ask "how do we know if we are affected by a mental health problem and how do we recognise it in others?"

  • Who does it affect?
  • How many people are affected?
  • What are the triggers? Is there a single cause?

Part Two  - A snapshot of Anxiety and Depression

Many people are not sure of the symptoms of anxiety and depression. We take a look at what they might look like, sound like and feel like and the behaviours that may be displayed.

We explore

  • What can help?
  • What can you do to help? 
  • Who can help?

Part Three  - Non-judgemental listening

Even though we might recognise what a mental health problem is, we can often struggle with how to approach the person as we may be afraid of upsetting them or causing more distress.

We can help you with what to say and how to say it.

People experiencing emotional and mental distress need to be heard without judgment so they can talk freely about their problems and are open to information and the help they need.

We explore the difference between information and advice and how this can affect someone getting help or not.

Part Four - Self-care, what about you?

Taking care of yourself when you are dealing with people who are struggling or if you are feeling the pressure yourself is important. We share some helpful things to keep you strong and healthy.


At Brain Ambulance, we use experienced trainers with the added perspective of the lived experience to bring you realistic and relatable information that is easy to understand. We encourage interaction in a non-threatening environment where people are comfortable to share or just to listen.

Outcomes -  Participants will be:           

  • Be more confident in identifying factors of mental health problems such as how is it recognised, what are triggers and the prevalence of MH issues in Australia.
  • Be capable and confident in identifying the characteristics of Anxiety and Depression and recognising signs and symptoms in themselves and in others.
  • Identify the importance of non-judgemental listening and the impact of giving advice so they have increased confidence when talking to a person with a mental health problem.
  • Identify the importance of self-care and be able to implement simple self care techniques.

Maximum 30 people

Please contact us for a quote and more information.