Professional Mentoring Service

WHY ? You have provided your staff with training from Brain Ambulance.

When staff have applied the knowledge, skills or understanding of the concepts of the training they may want to:

1. Tell someone about their experience (Be heard not judged).

2. Be mentored to determine they have implemented the training appropriately within their context. (Reassured or Redirected)

3. Work through how they may make changes, or focus on issues, specifically using the training they have received.

4. Look after their own reactions & mental wellbeing.


  • A face to face meeting with the mentor. (skype available)
  • Phone consultations with the mentor over an agreed period.  Packages of 3 & 5 sessions available
  • A summary of the session emailed to them as a follow up.

Our business is about education and sometimes after training and workshops, people want support and a safe, structured follow up some way of helping them put to work the things they have learnt.

We train from a perspective of lived experience' and trauma informed practice.

We mentor from a perspective of

what has worked for us and questioning what is helpful, unhelpful, desirable and required.

Please email to discuss your needs and our solutions.