The Mental Health Response Box®....

A mental health toolbox for workplaces and organisations

Proudly endorsed by WAAMH (WA Association for Mental Health).
proceeds go towards WAAMH for funding of future Mental Health Week activites.

We keep the Mental Health Response box in a prominent place in the office so staff can utilise as and when needed. Feedback on the contents has been very positive.

Trudi Baker-Flach, EA, Helping Minds

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The clips below give tips on how to roll the Response box out in your workplace, and how to introduce it to your team.

What are we working towards?
Our call to workplaces is "Don't just tick the box on mental health, provide the Box".
What is it?
The purpose of the Mental Health Response Box is to provide workers with an easily identifiable physical box to seek help for themselves or others just as they would locate and identify a first aid kit should they require something for a physical problem.
The Mental Health Response Box does not require training, just as the user does not need to be trained or skilled in using some of the items in a basic first aid kit to be of use to themselves or others.  The box contains practical information to direct and inform the user in different situations.
What is the aim?
The aim of the box is to help humans to be human.  Not all mental health scenarios are related to crisis situations.   Mental health issues and illnesses can take a while to form and therefore can take a while to move on from.  The Mental Health Response Box provides identifiable elements of response being:
1.  Signals
 - what you might notice - trying to take the emphasis away from symptoms and diagnosis
2.  Helping Yourself  a better understanding of when I need to take care of myself and encouraging the use of available resources such as their Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
3.  Helping Others  what to do, and say when we are asked for help or if we are wanting to offer help
4.  Crisis  What to do and not do in a crisis and seeing the importance of workplaces having a trained Mental Health First Aider available
5.  Next Steps - encouraging understanding of recovery as part of the process for you or others.

How does it work?
The Box contains five folders covering the topics above.  Each folder has a pocket to slide in details of the workplace's EAP provider, a booklet covering the topic and a set of tear off sheets for reference or action.
Each booklet starts with an example showing scenarios of the topic in both a physical context and a mental health context so we can see similar possibilities of thinking and behaving.
The booklet shows simple concepts to OPEN OUR EYES ON STIGMA in the three areas of:
stereotyping ourselves and others by labelling and grouping;
prejudice is how we think and feel towards people differently and the labels we create;
discrimination is how we behave toward others and how we include or exclude those we label including ourselves.
Isn't there already enough information on mental health out there?
There are fantastic resources available but as with many things today you have to know what you are looking for and where to look, as the quantity of information can be overwhelming.  The Mental Health Response Box is a physical place to start and provides direction to help find "the needle in the haystack".
Where do we want it to go?
We hope that the Mental Health Response Box will be placed in areas accessible to all staff just as a first aid kit might be placed somewhere significant.  We particularly hope organisations with volunteers place it where people can read it, talk about it and refer to.
Where did it come from?
The Mental Health Response Box has been created and written by Deb Reveley who has lived with the experience of mental illness for more than half her life and has spent the last ten years running Brain Ambulance Pty Ltd, which provides mental health education for workplaces and organisations.  Ten years ago when Deb first became a Mental Health First Aid Instructor she had the idea that whilst everyone should complete the training and every workplace should have a Mental Health first aider, it would still be good for every workplace to have a 'go to' physical item that is a constant in their environment.  Hence the concept of the Mental Health Response Box was born.  Deb hopes workplaces will embrace the concept that not everyone wants to start with google!

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