Keeping Sane® as Strengths are aMazing.    

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Discover why Strengths are aMazing!
This workshop is:
                About you!
                Interactive and enjoyable
Sometimes life can be overwhelming and tricky and we feel like we are in a maze.
Knowing and harnessing our strengths can help guide us through the maze.
Using our strengths helps our resilience in tricky times.
You will take away simple tools and techniques to use with yourself, colleagues and friends.

Keeping Sane® and Celebrating our Strengths is a workshop about the strength of teams.  It is done as a prerequisite to this workshop about aMazing strength of individuals.

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Recent feedback from Dudley Park Primary School  œWe did all thoroughly enjoy this day!  Lighthearted with a touch of humour thrown in!  Great PD for School Support Staff   Cheers   Kay McDonald  Registrar - Dudley Park Primary School