1 in 5 Australians will suffer a mental health problem in any given year. How many of them are in your workplace, are your family, friends or clients?

Brain Ambulance is all about delivering mental health education, training and wellness concepts to your workplace!  

 We are workplace and community group specialists and can deliver courses, training, education and understanding within most fields of mental health education and mental health wellness.


"Health Promotion is an investment in human capital" (Linsay, 2002).

Brain Ambulance is about :

  • reducing stigma
  • educating not just teaching skills
  • providing knowledge to replace myths and misinformation
  • making mental health education 'real' by using lived experience
  • making a difficult subject simple to talk about, easy to understand and focused in a positive, strengths-based way........


Who needs to contact us:

managers - all levels,occupational health & safety officers, not for profit boards of management and ceo's, mining and industrial emergency medical officers, government and corporate human resource managers, wellness co-ordinators, school prinicipals and administrators, nursing staff, medical centre practise managers, mental health leadership teams, youth services, local government community development officers, youth services co-ordinators, student service co-ordinators, school nurses, divisions of general practioners, training co-ordinators and managers, team leaders in youth services, mental health mentors, employee safety officers, union organisers, accommodation managers, crisis accommodation organisations, community youth groups, church groups, community service groups, carer groups, sporting groups, team building leaders and anyone who has ever had  to  assist or support someone with a mental health issue, problem or illness.