KeepingSane® Anxiety in Primary School Students

A complex issue made simple. 2 hours

Recognise & Understand - What is anxiety? Understanding the elements of anxiety and how these may show themselves in the classroom.

Strategies & Resources - Strategies for reducing anxiety & promoting good mental health and how to implement them into the normal school day.

  • · Simple
  • · Changes thinking rather than adding more work
  •   Increases confidence in teacher's capacity to manage the anxiety of students.

This workshop is suitable for educational assistance.

Add an extra one hour or run as a follow up on another day 1.5 hrs

Body Sense for Primary Students to Reduce Anxiety

This additional session empowers teachers and non-teaching staff to apply simple body sense exercises with individuals or a class to create calm and to improve self awareness, attention, concentration, movement , posture and curiosity. Delivered by registered physiotherapist Jodie Krantz

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