Keeping Sane® for People Managers - Managing Issues Relating to the Mental Health of Staff 2.5 hours (Webinar version 3 hrs)

Disclosed mental ill- health

- Who, What, When, Where, Why and How of managing the person.

Issues which may be related to undisclosed mental unwellness

- What brought you to the point of considering the person may have a mental health issue? (What needs to be considered?)

- Conversation starters and conversation finishers (Helpful and unhelpful actions and things to say)

Many organisations are wanting a soft introduction for People Managers who may come from all areas of the organisation such as Team Leaders, etc. It is not designed to include mental health literacy (e.g. What is depression?) . It is simply focusing on ways to be aware of how you can act when a person discloses mental ill-health (not necessarily a diagnosed illness) and what is helpful to say when you might notice undisclosed unwellness. It does not intent to cover procedures such as accommodation which may be required for a diagnosis mental illness.  Costs and further enquiries