Are you at the end of your tether and feel like you just want help?

When you feel at crisis point, it is important to seek help somewhere.

Have you thought about:


Visiting a GP

tried that but feel like they didn't listen - read this

Visiting a GP but worried you will get medication - read this


Seeing a psychologist but not sure what they might do - read this

 or this - uploaded/files/client_added/Making%20sense%20of%20counselling.pdf    

Can't afford  a psychologist  - read this - uploaded/files/client_added/Medicare%20Access%20to%20Psychologists.pdf

Going to the emergency department at your nearest hospital 

you need to keep yourself safe - ask yourself how you can do this?

Talking to someone you trust - maybe you could say I don't want advice, I just need you to listen!

Call a help line - think this is a waste of time, think again - click here - emergency-contacts-wester/

or  Do you feel like hurting yourself or killing yourself?

or  Do you feel in such emotional pain that you think you are going to self harm?