Keeping Sane® In A Fluoro Uniform

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2 Hour Presentation

Available onsite/offsite for mines

  • Identify factors of mental health problems.

  • Introduce the importance of 'connectivity'. 

  • Recognise your unique workload and working environment including FIFO

  • Introduce simple wellness ideas.  Delivered in the context of mine sites on mine sites.



  • Be more confident in identifying factors of mental health problems such as how is it recognised, what are triggers and the prevalence of Mental Health issues in Australia.
  • Be capable and confident in identifying the characteristics of Anxiety and Depression and recognising signs and symptoms in themselves and in others.
  • Identify the importance of connectivity in the workplace and how to apply simple wellness techniques to ensure greater workplace wellbeing.
  • Identify practical resilience skills so they can be applied to every day work and home life.
  • Identify and evaluate how specific factors that relate to Fifo life affect their wellbeing.
  • Recognise when something is working well or not for them and how to develop strategies to keep themselves mentally well.
  • Identify specific areas of support and the process of self care so they can feel less isolated and more supported.

Excellent feedback from all levels of mine site personnel.

We are happy to provide feedback summaries from past workshops as well as contact details of past clients for reference.  Trainers are very experienced and deliver in a manner relevant to the context.

On a one day mine site visit, we allow up to 3 presentation in a 12 hour period.

Maximum 20 Participants

 Please contact us for a quote and more information.