Keeping Sane® in a Busy Workplace

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A workshop for all workplaces


  • Recognise your unique workload.
  • Introduce wellness ideas.
  • Identify factors of mental health problems.  
  • Introduce the importance of 'connectivity'.  


  • Be more confident in identifying factors of mental health problems such as how is it recognised, what are triggers and the prevalence of Mental Health issues in Australia.
  • Be capable and confident in identifying the characteristics of anxiety and depression and recognising signs and symptoms in themselves and in others.
  • Identify the importance of connectivity in the workplace and how to apply simple wellness techniques to ensure greater workplace wellbeing.
  • Identify practical resilience skills so they can be applied to every day work and home life.


Maximum 50 Participants

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As an option add -

Workshopping A Wellness Plan For Individuals and Teams

Keeping Sane® in a Busy Workplace is a pre-requisite and is usually presented on the same day.

1.5 Hour Presentation

Facilitates groups to develop a workable, realistic and happily anticipated mental health wellness plan.

Introduces fun ponderings for individuals or groups to identify the influence they can have on 'workplace mental health wellness'.


  • Identify key challenges within their workplace or team and implement a simple 3 step plan to improve mental and emotional wellness and to act with more confidence in their workplace or team.

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