Boundaries to Keep us Safe and Sound


3 hour presentation   THIS IS NOW AVAILABLE as a 2.5 hr WEBINAR>  Please contact for further information.  Can be delivered in the context of your workplace.

Suitable for any audience


What are boundaries and how can they be used to keep us safe and sane?

How do we create them, put them in place and let people know about them? How do we maintain boundaries and when is it time to change them? All these questions answered in this workshop as we work step by step to determine the bits you are getting right and where you are getting stuck.


It is important that participants come along with their own thoughts on a situation they think may need a boundary. This way, they will have something concrete to apply the exercises to for yourself.

You will come away with a plan for this situation.

Suitable for all contexts”workplaces, families, carers, client relationships, etc.

Excellent for using when mental health issues are present.


Participants will be able to identify various aspects of what boundaries are and have greater confidence when dealing with others when boundaries are required and:

  • recognise different types of boundaries and what can go wrong when boundaries are crossed
  • identify good and poor boundaries and thier consequences
  • explore why we find it hard to say œNO
  • implement techniques to maintain boundaries
  • recognise when to alter our boundaries
  • analyse how our values effect our boundaries
  • explore how to react when my values clash with others

Maximum 25 participants 

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Professional Boundaries and Values Clarification 


3.5 Hour Presentation

Suitable for any audience

What are professional boundaries and why do we need them? 

It's only doctors and social workers who should enforce them”Right?  WRONG.

In this interactive workshop we will find that recovery and support workers need to ensure that professional boundaries are in place to protect both worker and client and that the worker is operating in helper' and not rescuer' mode. We will explore what can go wrong when we let professional boundaries œslide. The workshop will also explore individual values and look at how this can at times negatively impact on our work with clients.

Maximum 25 participants

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