Anxiety - What the Hell is Happening

3 Hour Presentation

Suitable for any audience

Anxiety is the most prevelant mental health disorder in Australia    source - (Australian National Mental Health & Wellbeing Survey 2007)


This workshop takes a detailed look at anxiety including:

  • What is it?  (Many of us could identify the name of a disorder but not recognise that it comes within the diagnosis of anxiety disorder)
  • How it shows itself? (What does anxiety looks, feel, sound, smell and taste like)
  • What are the types of anxiety  disorders and what do they involve? (Knowledge about each disorder is extremely helpful to understanding how to help someone including yourself.)
  • What types of treatment are available, who can provide them and what do they involve?
  • It also provides practical strategies for facing anxiety, coping with it, dealing with it, living with it and most importantly, recovering from it.  Presented by a trainer with extensive 'lived experience' of anxiety disorders. 


  • Participants will be able to identify that there are different types of anxiety.  They will be able to recognise the different signs and symptoms that apply to each type of anxiety and how we might identify these in ourselves or others.
  • Identify when anxiety becomes a problem so we can be more confident to help or to get help. 
  • Recognise the difference in professional clinicians that are available for help.
  • Identify the three areas of effective treatments available and be confident in using or recommending them.
  • Explore and implement various self help strategies given for an extensive lived experience and have the confidence to use the strategies for themselves or others.
  • Identify the pathway to and stages of recovery.


Maximum 25 participants 


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