Managing Challenging Behaviours of Clients


3 Hour Presentation  NOW AVAILABLE as a WEBINAR contact for more information

Suitable for all staff who deal with clients particularly if mental health issues are present

Sometimes we have limited understanding of how someone's behaviour can change or be affected simply as a result of what is happening to them with their mental health problem.
Frustration, anger, fear, annoyance all of these can be difficult behaviours to manage. This workshop is about identifying the behaviours and learning strategies to manage communication and create some degree of clarity, harmony and sanity for all.  It introduces some symptoms of mental health problems that may influence the person's behaviour.  This workshop will leave staff feeling more confident.

Come prepared with some thoughts of the behaviours that really cause problems in situations with your clients.  


Participants will be more confident in dealing with clients in the following areas:

  • recognising behaviours of concern - are they difficult, challenging or threatening to me
  • identify factors that may influence behaviours
  • identifying techniques to communicate effectively
  • identify the stages of a crisis situation and how to better approach each stage
  • implement skilful strategies in dealing with a crisis including physical safety, de-escalation and emergency response
  • look for evidence of previous behavioural history
  • implement effective consequences for an effective outcome
  • implement reporting and documentation as required


Maximum 30 Participants

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