Keeping Sane® for Peer Supporters    

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Full Day Presentation

Being a peer support can often be challenging and may lead us into uncertain areas of How can I help', How much should I help' and œHow much am I allowed to help.

 Looks at boundaries that keep us safe, uses a strengths based approach that can be used in the workplace, and our lives, that enables our peers to help themselves.

Solution focused and explores how to define the issue, identify strengths and resources.  Helps the person develop a desirable future.

Very hands on session where participants learn to apply a simple interactive tool using achievable and manageable steps for a better outcome.

Work through real life problems in the context of their work or home, leave with a simple, highly effective plan they can implement now!


  • Be more confident in identifying factors of mental health problems such as how is it recognised, what are triggers and the prevalence of MH issues in Australia.
  • Be capable and confident in identifying the characteristics of Anxiety and Depression and recognising signs and symptoms in themselves and in others.
  • Identify the importance of connectivity in the workplace and how to apply simple wellness techniques to ensure greater workplace wellbeing.
  • Identify practical resilience skills so they can be applied to every day work and home life.
  • Identify their personal and professional boundaries of how can I help, how much should I help and how much am I allowed to help' so they can be confident in their interactions with their peers.
  • Implement a solution focused, simple five step plan that explores the issues, identifies strengths and resources available and have confidence in helping their peers to find their own solutions to their problems.

Maximum 20 Partcipants

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