Sample past clients of Deb Reveley




West Australian Symphony Orchestra

What can I say, your presentation exceeded all expectations and you truly succeeded in achieving your own œtouching souls and enriching lives with your approach, messages and good humour.

I had overwhelmingly positive feedback and I could see you were a bit swamped with people afterwards which is testament to the power of what you had to say.

I have had one of the manager approach me to see if he could have an informal chat with you at some stage as he has been dealing with some issues around depression and PTSD from his former military life and you clearly touched him enough for him to want to have a further conversation with you if that is something you would be interested in?

I certainly don't want to overflow your bucket in any way but if you think you have any capacity, that would be wonderful.

I have already had a request from the President of our Players Association to see if we can get you back to present something on performance anxiety at some stage in the future with the musicians, so I would like to look at that this year if you are interested in assisting with that?

Again, thank you so much, it has been rated as the best presentation many have ever had and that is high praise indeed I can assure you!

Tony Pickburn, Human Resources Manager




WA Rangers State Conference  

"Deb has been a keynote speaker 6 years in a row!"

The WA Rangers Association uses Deb from the Brain Ambulance regulary at our annual training conference as her presentations are relevant and engaging.




ANZ Regional Business Banking Conference

Wow, what a fantastic and uplifting way to address the serious and ever increasing issue of mental health. Deb was brilliant in sharing her own mental health experiences and her wacky sense of humour will have you in stitches. Deb's ability to combine humour with the serious side of mental health makes this session and must have' for all workplaces, community groups, sporting clubs etc. The session gave every participant both the tools and the confidence to identify and help someone with a mental health issue.


œDeb's thought provoking closing keynote presentation œKeeping Sane was a highlight for many delegates who attended the conference. Deb's passion for mental health combined with her unique presentation style, energy and humour make for a very enjoyable learning experience on what is typically a very serious topic

"Deb was inspiring, hilarious and so educational...Great to have a wild card like to Deb to liven it up....Fantastic to have a good laugh whilst talking about a very serious topic...Deb was fantastic and hilarious but also confronting and insightful...Non stop laughs provided by Deb from Brain Ambulance."

"We'd heard great things already about Deb but she absolutely exceeded our expectations."

"We would highly recommend Deb and hope to have her speak again in the future!"