When someone is in a mental health crisis, they maybe of risk to themselves.


You need to ask the questions:

I am concerned about you, are you having thoughts of killing yourself? 

Read these guidelines to assist in response  

Suicidal Thoughts and Behaviours

Are you having thoughts of hurting yourself?

Read these guidelines to assist in response 

Non Suicidal Self Injury

If possible, get the person to a GP or Emergency Dept. They maybe reluctant to go due to past experiences or not feeling sure about what will happen to them.

Things you could do:

  • offer to go with them if possible or at least help them make an appointment.
  • offer to write down what is happening for them to hand to the doctor if they feel overwhlemed or get them to talk through what they might say once they are there.
  • let them know that a past bad experience is not likely to happen again so try to give them confidence to go - talk about what happened before and how they could try to make it different this time.