Personal Helpers and Mental Health Mentoring Service - Burnout Symptoms need attention 

Are you a carer, parent, partner or friend?  This service is for you.

Are you wanting support for yourself? This service is for you.

As a parent, a grand parent, partner, a sibling or a friend of someone who may have mental health problems, it can be confusing, tricky and even exhausting to get them help or even get them to understand that help would be benefical to them.  You have tried to help.  You don't know what to do. They don't want help.  They don't see they have a problem.  They know they have a problem but don't want  or need you to 'fix them'.

I am feeling like I have burnout symptoms and I don't know what to do.  I am living with emotional exhaustion all the time.  The amount of changes and unknowns I am dealing with at the moment are overwhelming me.  

All of these are scenarios we talk about often.

If you are reading this it is likely you are ready to be heard with kind ears and chatted to with kind words.  Welcome to our very experienced and life changing Personal Helpers and Mental Health Mentoring Service. We provide education, advice (when requested), information on where to go, how to make changes and all in  a non-judgmental and confidential space that is based on years of lived experience and most importantly - RECOVERY.

 For carers - Our Personal Helpers and Mental Health Mentoring Service is about you coping with, living with, dealing with, helping and loving the person with the problem. 

For yourself - Our Personal Helpers and Mental Health Mentoring Service is about you coping with, living with, dealing with, helping and loving yourself.

What we offer is a three part mentoring service:

Session one   90min - 2 hrs - This session is based on what the issues are getting some solutions happening to these questions:

What is the situation and context?  What are the problems? What have you tried?  Where are you at?  Where are you at? What are you hoping for?

Session two   60min -90 min - This session is based on change,  getting the links and connections happening and taking the next steps. 

Session three  60min - This session is about consolidating, recognising and embracing change and planning the next steps for all.

These sessions are done face to face at an agreed venue or via zoom or skype.

This service comes as a package of three session because our experience shows that this has the best outcomes so we discount it for the package paid in advance.  We understand that you might want to try before you buy so we are happy to offer a free 20 min session for you to get a feel and understanding of what we do.  If you wish to just purchase a single session as you go, this option is also available.

The sessions are:

- pre-paid;

- arranged to meet times that are mutually suitable ( some people who are living with the person need to factor their alone time)

- based on services and arrangements suitable for your area or region.

- based on trying to get you access to as many free or low cost options of links and support as possible.

For costs, please email or call 0417181462