MHFA for the Suicidal Person.

4 hour presentation

This new course is based on the MHFA expert consensus guidelines 'Suicidal Thoughts and Behaviours: First Aid Guidelines'.
Curriculum content is evidenced based, with the input of both mental health professionals, researchers and consumer advocates.

Training consists of 4 hours face to face training and course participants receive a handbook and online Certificate of Completion.


Curriculum content is based on expert consensus guidelines developed with the Delphi method using both professional and
consumer experts from English speaking developed countries. Learning outcomes of the course include:

  • Understanding accurate information about suicide rates and risk factors in the Australian context.
  • Reviewing the first aid guidelines of how to intervene when someone is experiencing suicidal thoughts and behaviours
  • Practicing these skills in a safe environment

Please note that the MHFA for the Suicidal Person Course is not a postvention course and is not recommended for
individuals recently bereaved by suicide. The MHFA for the Suicidal Person Course is not a therapy or a support group and it is
important that people undertaking the course are feeling relatively robust when they undertake it.


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