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Please note that all of these topics can be adapted to your theme and tailored to your audience.

The Aim is Keeping Sane ®

Deb provides a hilarious but inspiring story of her mental illness and recovery journey.  She provides simple, realistic wellness and resilience strategies that make heads nod in agreement.

This particular presentation is an excellent introduction to the topic of mental health for your delegates as it does provide a little mental health literacy which is getting everyone on the same page about what a mental health problem is, common disorders and triggers.  It also gives some real life examples of simple strategies for wellness and resilience.  It really is very suitable for any audience.

Interesting Things I Learned in the Psych Ward

Deb shares interesting lessons she has learned about life and humans from the inside looking out and tells it as an hilarious story noticed by the little people in her head.

This presentation is about reducing stigma about mental illness and normalising the behaviours we smile at in others but fear in ourselves. It is a perfect workplace/industry conversation starter as it provides a hilarious backdrop for normalising mental illness and the behaviours of ourselves and others.  It really does give a clear message that stigma is ridiculous, dangerous and sometimes disappointing.

Dare to be Well

In this presentation, Deb uses her own journey to explain things she had to give up in order to be a happy, content and successfully functioning healed human being.  

This presentation is perfect for mental health consumers, people on recovery journeys and their family and carers.  It is ideal as an inspirational presentation of hope and how it is the small things that motivate us to want the bigger goal of sustained recovery.  

But I Was Being Non-Judgmental

You will communicate more non-judgmentally with others as soon as you stop being less non-jugmental with yourself.

We really need to come off automatic pilot when it comes to what we think, say and do sometimes.  This presentation is great for any audience of humans who are busy doing, busy getting stuff done and who might not always have time to ponder their words.  The material is suitable for any audience and is refreshing in that it gives an opportunity to laugh, reflect and learn all at the same time.  An excellent one to refresh participants after a break.

Life Lessons I Store on My Phone

Deb explores the subtleties which are constantly in front of us and how we can be more content by noticing them and pausing to ponder the lessons.  Mindfulness brought to life!

This is a general audience presentation which gives participants very interesting, insightful and reflective ways of looking at life lessons and how we can use these to become more of our authentic selves.  

Keeping Sane® in a Leadership Role 

Deb uses four elements of mental health as the basis for some balance and harmony in your life, your leadership role and yourself.

How do you know you are Keeping Sane when everyone wants a piece of you, everyone is expecting you to excel and you are demanding mastery of leadership yourself? How do you keep all the balls in the air and what happens if you drop them? After 25 years of mental unwellness, Deb wants to share the lessons she has learned and also of her years of recovery, about the concept of Keeping Sane and why the words are so important that she bought the trademark to them! Sit back, listen and ponder.