KeepingSane® By Managing Stress


Covered in this 2 hour workshop


· Identify types of stress

· Stress and mental health

· Reflecting on your own contribution to stress”yours and others

· Managing stress”tools to embrace

· Understanding self care

This presentation is delivered by Deb Reveley and has been developed through the lived experience' of mental illness and sustained wellness through recovery. The 'talk has been walked'!

Add an hour on the same day or 1.5hrs at a late date - Highly recommended and encouraged

Body Sense”Practical application to reduce stress

Feel & function better during times of stress

Recover from upsets quickly

Identify body patterns associated with stress

Reduce muscular tension/pain

Develop self awareness through gentle movements

Delivered by a register physiotherapist who shows small understandings make a big difference.

Contact deb@brainambulance for a flyer and pricing details.