Response to Corona Virus

Brain Ambulance has the platform and capacity to tailor any of our current training to webinars or video presentations for your context. We also have a series of continually updated public accessible training. Please contact us to work with your organisation to provide solutions to much needed mental health, suicide prevention and mental wellbeing training.


What does the Brain Ambulance offer Schools, TAFES and Universities?

A really good way to introduce mental health education in Schools, TAFES and Universitites, is to start with the mental health and wellness of the staff.

Either of these can be followed up on the same day, or at a later time, with a 1.5 Hour presentation called Workshopping A Wellness Plan. 

A brief introduction on mental health covering depression and anxiety is the 3 Hour Snapshots, or the One Day Flick the Switch on Anxiety and Depression. All of these are suitable for all staff and parents.

(It is usually not possible for the whole staff to attend the two day course, so we recommend that at least student service staff attend. There can be up to 20 participants in the course, so some schools choose to team up with neighbouring school student service teams to share costs.)