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Brain Ambulance has the platform and capacity to tailor any of our current training to webinars or video presentations for your context. We also have a series of continually updated public accessible training. Please contact us to work with your organisation to provide solutions to much needed mental health, suicide prevention and mental wellbeing training.

Not For Profit/Community

What training is available for us?

Brain Ambulance can provide training for you in three specific areas:

  1. Mental health education for all staff to increase their understanding and knowledge, particularly when working with clients and collegues

  2. The mental health and wellbeing of the staff themselves

  3. Mental health education that can be presented for your client groups


For All Staff

  • Mental Health First Aid - Internationally Award Winning (12 Hour) course. All organisations need to have their staff complete the two day Mental Heath First Aid training. In many places, this is becoming a mandatory requirement for employment. Find out more about the training here MHFA. If your organisation deals with adolescent or young people, find out more here YMHFA.

  • Snapshots Of Mental Health (3 Hours). Just need an introduction to the topic of mental health, then Snapshots is a 3 hour presentation that will give your staff and clients a starting point with information and understanding for further discussion and pondering. Find out more here Snapshots of Mental Health.

  • Flick the Switch On Anxiety, Depression  and Psychosis (5 or 6 hours). For a more indepth look at these two disorders, this workshop provides information about them and on what is useful to do in order to understand and assist someone. Find out more here Flick the Switch.

  • Managing Difficult Behaviour Of Clients (3 Hours)

  • Communicating Non-Judgementally (2 Hours)

  • Anxiety (3 Hours)


For the Mental Health and Wellbeing of the Staff


For Your Client Groups

Please contact us for details and costs 

Brain Ambulance has a wealth of experience in creating and presenting workhops for client groups such as carers, consumers and volunteers.

Please contact us to talk about possibilities