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Brain Ambulance has the platform and capacity to tailor any of our current training to webinars or video presentations for your context. We also have a series of continually updated public accessible training. Please contact us to work with your organisation to provide solutions to much needed mental health, suicide prevention and mental wellbeing training.

Corporate Private Business

We recognise that private businesses and corporation will currently be addressing many areas of employee health. The focus typically is employee physical health, safety and wellbeing but changing dynamics in work environments and culture, along with evolving changes in work context, is highlighting a greater need for protection, prevention and promotion of mental health.

Stigma and mental health issues are alive and well in most workplaces. They are costly and yet the guzzling of money directly related to their existence, is often not recognised.

For a major employer, the questions posed are:

What is currently in place to protect the mental health of your employees?

What prevention strategies are currently in place to provide a working context and atmosphere for the mental wellbeing of your staff?

How are good mental health and wellbeing practises currently promoted throughout your organisation?


We do not presume to have a solution for everything to do with this topic but we are specific about what we can attempt to solve and we provide the missing element to fill the gap in what is currently available.

Protection We provide the award winning Mental Health First Aid training suitable for all staff. The training has been developed to help protect those in need at the early stages of mental health problems or in crisis situations.

Prevention We provide our own series of Keeping Sane Workshops designed to inform with facts, educate with wellness concepts and encourage good mental health balance.  

Promotion We provide a selection of mental health education presentations delivered to promote knowledge and understanding by increasing the participant's level of mental health literacy.

Common Problem


But we already have an Employee Assistance Program (E.A.P.)........
An excellent start however our experience tells us that many employees will not access this service for reasons such as:
-          Fear that it will be detrimental to their work record;
-          Stigma that bosses or colleagues will find out that they are accessing the service;
-          Stigma that they are weak as they are needing to access the service;
-          Fear of what the sessions will reveal about their work habits or coping strategies.
-          Fear about seeking out information on the service.

Our Solution


Providing mental health education sessions for all employees will reduce stigma and create a culture that recognises that the service is available, useful and provided without judgement. Training key staff with Mental Health First Aid skills will also provide an avenue and tool for the E.A.P. service to be discussed, promoted and accessed