Brain Ambulance specialises in ba_logo__1_.jpgmaking the complex topic of mental health simple and turning fear into confidence

How to help others:
Our Mental Health education series teaches Mental Health literacy and how to work with and live with someone who may have a mental health issue.  We provide knowledge and understanding of common mental illnesses to help people recognise what a mental health problem might look like, sound like and feel like in ourselves and in others.

How to help ourselves:
Our KeepingSane series
offer presentations and worshops that enable us to to look after our own mental health and wellbeing.  Our KeepingSane series covers individuals, teams, and various work and life contexts. This series offers fun, interactive workshops in the workplace, covering all organisations and industry sectors (from libraries to mine sites!).

Brain Ambulance delivers Mental Health First Aid training, a variety of mental health education and wellness presentations and training seminars for workplaces.

We specialise in presenting our training in the context of your workplace!

Brain Ambulance assists in developing an understanding of mental health problems and mental health wellness.

The Brain Ambulance Point of Difference

Brain Ambulance provides mental health education by delivering
knowledge and understanding through lived experience.

Past clients will happily tell you we have delivered on these outcomes!