We keep the Mental Health Response box in a prominent place in the office so staff can utilise as and when needed. Feedback on the contents has been very positive.-Trudi Baker-Flach, EA, Helping Minds


Hi Deb,

Thank you so much!

What can I say, your presentation exceeded all expectations and you truly succeeded in achieving your own œtouching souls and enriching lives with your approach, messages and good humour.

I had overwhelmingly positive feedback and I could see you were a bit swamped with people afterwards which is testament to the power of what you had to say.

I have had one of the manager approach me to see if he could have an informal chat with you at some stage as he has been dealing with some issues around depression and PTSD from his former military life and you clearly touched him enough for him to want to have a further conversation with you if that is something you would be interested in?

I certainly don't want to overflow your bucket in any way but if you think you have any capacity, that would be wonderful.

I have already had a request from the President of our Players Association to see if we can get you back to present something on performance anxiety at some stage in the future with the musicians, so I would like to look at that this year if you are interested in assisting with that?

Again, thank you so much, it has been rated as the best presentation many have ever had and that is high praise indeed I can assure you! -Tony Pickburn, Human Resources Manager, West Australian Symphony Orchestra


"What a hoot! There was no time for napping that's for sure. Deb Reveley kept us on our toes with her fast paced delivery, her interesting personal accounts, all the relevant facts and figures, and training in actual skills for helping people experiencing a mental health crisis. My skills, confidence and my comfort level has increased so much that i've now been offered permanent work in the area! Many thanks for all the energy you put in to the training Deb, and your sincerity." - Jennifer Cole


"Course content was delivered in a light-hearted, humorous and well informed style.Very enlightening. Cheers."  - Denise Callagher

"Dear Deb,

I found the course both challenging and stimulating. Although I work with many clients who have mental health issues your course gave me the opportunity to view mental health from another prespective. This has enabled me to be more flexible and creative when working with my clients.  The way in which you use your sense of humor and your own life experiences made the course material more real and practical.

Thank You." - Lee-Ann


MHFA Testimonials

"Outstanding and thought provoking. I found this course extremely informative and believe it will help me, both in my professional and personal life."
"Informative and interesting, the course made me realise that there is a lot more involved with mental illnesses than I had previously realised. A great community course!"
"Excellent course. Well researched and presented. I found it extremely worthwhile."
"I was really impressed! The course opened my eyes to many aspects of mental health that I didn't know, or at least only superficially."
"One of the most interesting, informative and valuable courses that I have ever attended."
"Fantastic! Congratulations on developing such an important and vital course as this one."
"I think it was a fantastic course and hope that every single Australian is given the opportunity to take part in it." "I consider it a privilege to have been able to attend and learn so much from this course."