About the Brain Ambulance Crew  


Name:                   Deb Reveley
Age:                      A 60's baby


  • Keynote Speaker and Conference Presenter
  • Award winning - Master Mental Health First Aid Instructor
  • Older Persons Mental Health First Aid Instructor
  • Youth Mental Health First Aid Instructor
  • Mental Health Educator
  • Wellness Experience Coordinator
  • Facilitator
  • Expert in Enjoyment!


Deb Reveley is a Master instructor of MHFA  & YMHFA having completed her training in Adelaide. She is an experienced presenter who has worked in many educational settings including schools, TAFE centres, universities and educational facilities. She has worked for ARAFMI Mental Health Carers Association as a Community Education Coordinator and has presented a mental health program in schools, universities, prisons, workplaces, community forums and health education settings.

She has personal experience as a consumer who was house-bound from agoraphobia and now has bipolar. Her presentation style is relaxed, humorous and engaging as she is able to instill knowledge, understanding and confidence in her audience through her 'lived experience'.

Business Managerarlene.jpg

Name:                   Arlene Hunt
Age:                      She's not telling

  • Mental Health First Aid Instructor
  • Mental Health Educator
  • Facilitator
  • Good at putting life in perspective


Arlene is an accredited Mental Health First Aid Instructor and delivers mental health education, Mental wellbeing and behaviour management presentations in all contexts from corporate boardrooms to mine sites.

Her interest is in human behaviour and she has a degree in Psychology, with a minor in Organisational Psychology.  Arlene is an experienced trainer and presenter and has tutored Murdoch University students from the Kulbardi indigenous student centre, as well as relief sessional tutoring. She holds a Cert IV in Training and Assessment.

Arlene's primary lived experience of mental illness is that of living with, and caring for a family member with anxiety and major depression. This experience includes witnessing the onset, impact and recovery of mental illness and dealing with all phases from an outside perspective.

Arlene has also been a business owner, where she managed and trained staff on a regular basis. She is attempting to manage Deb.....


Principal Master Instructor and Teen MHFA Coordinatorimg_1165_1.jpg

Name:                   Judy Beven
Age:                      Definitely not telling


  • Principal Master Mental Health First Aid Instructor
  • Youth Mental Health First Aid Instructor
  • Teen Mental Health First Aid Instructor
  • Mental Health Educator