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Brain Ambulance has the platform and capacity to tailor any of our current training to webinars or video presentations for your context. We also have a series of continually updated public accessible training. Please contact us to work with your department to provide solutions to much needed mental health, suicde prevention and mental wellbeing training.


 Training Delivered to Government Departments

Mentoring Service for Workplace Mental Health First Aiders

Brain Ambulance has a team of highly experienced MHFA Instructors, including Master Instructors and Principal Master Instructors. We offer a mentoring service for workers who have been trained as MHFA aiders who can contact us to discuss, debrief, download, or seek advice when they have implemented MHFA. Just as with physical first aid, the assistance given maybe minimal, such as applying an antiseptic and a bandaid (or for MHFA, providing information on the Employee Assistance Program). However, some crisis situations, such as dealing with someone with suicidal thought or psychotic behaviour, may provide, create some questioning or anxiety at a personal level for the first aiders. Our mentoring service means they can check in with experienced instructors to talk about what happened, how they responded, what other assistance they can provide and how they are feeling themselves after the event.

This service is quoted to organisation on a individual basis.

Please contact us to discuss possibilities