STONES cards

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         Stones have feelings too….

By Russell Deal and Ray Bowler

Remember picking up a stone or pebble because there was just something about it? Well, here’s a whole quarry of quirky, engaging, happy, sad, afraid, shy, joyful and just plain outrageous 'stone' characters, specially created for building a feelings vocabulary!

Describing feelings is at the heart of emotional literacy and therapeutic work. Yet, sometimes people interpret feelings very differently. Each card in this set features a stone on one side, and three words on the reverse to describe the emotion shown. Hey, that stone seems to be quivering: is he embarrassed, humiliated or shy? What about that heavy stone rubbing his chin: is he thoughtful, curious or concerned?

The 52 Stones cards are perfect for all sorts of activities. If you’re running a workshop, start by asking the participants to choose a card that shows how they’re feeling now, and how they hope to feel at the end of the day. If you’re a therapist, you might choose these cards to open a conversation with a client about a difficult problem. Which card represents the client’s feelings when the problem is worst? Which card represents the time when the problem is gone or more manageable?

Don’t forget there’s also the Stones Value Pack. It includes The Stones cards, the companion sticker sheets, the picture book The Wrong Stone, and our Pocket of Stones, containing 12 handcrafted, ceramic ‘stone’ characters—perfect for tactile learners. 



   STONES stickers

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